Game ArtArt ServicesServices isis aa TeamTeam of talentedtalented independentindependent digital artistsartists whowho makemake creativity happenhappen usingusing ourour imagination.imagination.

Results of our efforts are stunning 3D/2D game art assets and animation across many genres. Although we are young and not yet known, our goal is to reach the position at the forefront of artistic game design. The key to that is our passion for gaming as a lifestyle, which is an integral element that brings our art to virtual life.

We feel that we’re different from any other video game art outsourcing studio. We look beyond creative borders and apply a healthy dose of “craziness” and passion to exceed our customers’ expectations in a surprising way. Time-committed and agile-bred. Quality is always at the center of our attention! We just want to make a name that stands out in the gaming industry and evolves over time!

Our passion is creating fresh and exciting game art designs for the digital art and game community all over the world. The Game Art Outsourcing Team does it at cost effective prices without even a hint of compromising on the quality of the final product. We are simply a one stop “creative bunch of art geeks” for you to get access to high quality, nuage and effectiveness!


Art Production Expert

Favorite game: Rush Favorite genres: Action, Survivor, Sandbox An architect by his basic education, and now an excellent Photoshop specialist, he helps our artists to find a common language with the customer's Art Team Lead. Having worked in game development for several years, he learned to combine high tempo of work with true creativity.


Talent Discovery

Favorite game: Genshin Impact Favorite genres: MMORPG, MOBA, Adventure Stan helps the talents from different countries to find the way and join our studio. He is responsible for onboarding and training and is serving as a bridge to close the gap between production and talents. Stan discovers our hidden gems, great 2d, 3d artists, animators, VFX & Motion designers. Message him if you want to join our team.


Creative Communications

Favorite game: Resident Evil, Half Life, Golden Axe, Contra Favorite genres: Horror, Action, Narrative Max is a center of communication with our clients and partners. Easy going, but fully dedicated to the project’s success and timely delivery. Need something extraordinary and don’t know what exactly? This dude will throw a few cool ideas at the spot. Please get in touch with him and he'll help you out.

Yi Meandr

CEO & Game Producer

Favorite game: Final Fantasy X / Beat Saber Favorite genres: RPG, Strategy, Narrative Yi gathered us all together to create CG game art and help ideas of many gamedev studios to obtain a desired visual form of their games. He is in charge of our strategic vision and helps our artship to fly in the right direction and at the right pace.


At the moment we are looking for 3D Artists with a minimum experience of 2 years within the Digital Content Creation industry. 

We are looking for people who:
  • are capable of creating extremely high end characters and environments for CG use or real-time application 
  • have extensive experience and proficiency in the modeling and texturing techniques which apply to next-gen art creation
Additional skills that we value include:
  • background in traditional arts 
  • passion for gaming
Your responsibilities include:
  • working closely with the Design and Art teams on art assets from concept to prototype to finish 
  • mesh construction, textures, lighting, effects, and background creation 
We offer a superb working environment and also a competitive compensation package.  We look forward to receiving your portfolio/demo reel and resume at