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Art Production Expert

Favorite game: Rush Favorite genres: Action, Survivor, Sandbox An architect by his basic education, and now an excellent Photoshop specialist, he helps our artists to find a common language with the customer's Art Team Lead. Having worked in game development for several years, he learned to combine high tempo of work with true creativity.


Talent Discovery

Favorite game: Genshin Impact Favorite genres: MMORPG, MOBA, Adventure Stan helps the talents from different countries to find the way and join our studio. He is responsible for onboarding and training and is serving as a bridge to close the gap between production and talents. Stan discovers our hidden gems, great 2d, 3d artists, animators, VFX & Motion designers. Message him if you want to join our team.


Creative Communications

Favorite game: Resident Evil, Half Life, Golden Axe, Contra Favorite genres: Horror, Action, Narrative Max is a center of communication with our clients and partners. Easy going, but fully dedicated to the project’s success and timely delivery. Need something extraordinary and don’t know what exactly? This dude will throw a few cool ideas at the spot. Please get in touch with him and he'll help you out.

Yi Meandr

CEO & Game Producer

Favorite game: Final Fantasy X / Beat Saber Favorite genres: RPG, Strategy, Narrative Yi gathered us all together to create CG game art and help ideas of many gamedev studios to obtain a desired visual form of their games. He is in charge of our strategic vision and helps our artship to fly in the right direction and at the right pace.


We only provide art from mature 2D artists capable of creating jaw dropping characters and environments with the perfectly balanced perspective to give the right tone to your project. Working with most up to date 2D graphics tools and polishing their unique sense of style, the Game Art Creative Outsourcing Team develops a crazy range of characters and objects, from the tiniest details to top video game arts.


We are experts in creating astonishing 3D modeling, effervescent 3D characters, tinted 3D objects, head turning environments and startling 3D modeling environments. From attentive focus on wrinkles around eyes, to the smallest details including gray whiskers or tiny scratches on the knight's armor,, our works are “scary” realistic; they really come to life right before a gamer’s eyes.


Animation (2d -> 3d) Our artists deliver immersive animation designs for 3D and character animation. Fascinating to the hilt, our animations are full of life and head spinning. Specializing in character modeling, our Senior artists are taking the viewer into the animated world in which their creatures exist on their own.


GAS provides clients with the sick quality VFX to help a title gain more potential. As a top visual effects (VFX) provider, we reach beyond what is possible creatively and technically at the most attractive price and competitive delivery schedules. Our VFX Artists create anything that moves that isn’t a character or an object. They design dust, water, explosions and superpower using digital art software, alongside traditional art insights to create realistic effects that are stunning, like a tornado, or subtle, like slow moving clouds.


  • Fantasy

  • Mystic

  • Animation design

  • Abstract

  • Psychedelic

  • Sci-Fi

  • Semi-Realistic

  • Realistic

  • Military

  • Horror

  • Manga

  • Comic

  • Casual




  • Illustrator

  • Substance 3D Painter

  • After Effects

  • Premiere Pro

  • Unity 3d

  • Unreal Engine

  • Corel Draw

  • 3d Max

  • Z Brush

  • Sketch Up

  • Blender 3D

  • Procreate

  • Maya

  • Houdini

  • Cinema 4D

  • Marmoset Toolbag

  • Marvelous Designer

  • UVLayout

  • Topogun

  • Figma

  • Affinity Designer

  • SAI Paint Tool

  • RenderMan

  • KeyShot

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